It’s all over now, baby blue

by | Mar 1, 2009 | 0 comments

The  Madison River from the outlet of Quake Lake down to McAtee Bridge is now closed and is scheduled to open back up May 16th, 2009…….my 33rd birthday! We received about 5 inches of water laden snow three nights ago at 66oo feet and about double that in the mountains around us.

I have had a minor set back in my spring fishing plans. Just as March arrived and things started to warm up and Yellowstone is about to close leaving me with all kinds of time to fish, I tore the meniscus on my right knee. Yep that’s right, while walking around Norris Geyser Basin I slipped on the snow, locking my knee at a 90 degree angle. I saw a Doc today in Big Sky and they are making plans to send me to an Ortho Surgeon. Surgery may be in my path, but at this point I don’t know much.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I am going to take the Net Flicks plan to full capacity, listen to more Bob Marley, and hope that all isn’t as bad as it seems right now.