it got colder…..

by | Feb 2, 2011 | 0 comments

42 Below.........ZERO.

I woke up at 3:00 am to stoke the fire, and let the dogs out.  Stella ran right out, but Huck went out the door, tucked his tail and tried to run back in.  I had already shut the door only to here his paw tapping at it right away.  Upon letting him back in, he gave me that look, the same look he shoots my way when I miss a pheasant or sharptail which he pointed.  It is damn cold again here today and while the photo above says 42 below, it was actually a bit colder a couple of hours ago.  46 below just before sunrise.  Folks, that is chilly.   My snowcoach trip doesn’t begin until noon today and quite frankly, I am estatic.  


10.  Allow all the pets in bed and pray that one of them doesn’t puke….

9.  Don’t ride on a snowmobile.  At 30 mph the wind chill is -80 and you will get frostbite in 5 minutes.  Really, that is fact.

8.  Wear Patagonia puffball pants and jacket all day.  It’s like wearing a sleeping bag, but you won’t look like a complete idiot at the grocery store when buying a 12 pack and some donuts before noon.

7.  Look a photos from last summer, next to the wood stove, with a puppy on your lap and drink more coffee.  Change from coffee to hot cocoa with Bailey’s at noon.  Contemplate rearranging your fly boxes, but don’t do it just yet.

6.  Tell, don’t ask, your Bombardier Driver to close the hatch. 

5.  Watch Old Faithful Erupt from the webcam utilizing the warmth of your cabin.  Screw going into Yellowstone today.

4.  Okay, YNP is amazing at these temps.  Go to the Park.  Watch Old Faithful from the Visitor Center and ask Katy Duffy if you can drink your coffee while still in the VC.  She might actually allow this today, but don’t push your luck.

3.  Thank the heavens that it isn’t 1808 and your name isn’t John Colter.  How in the H E double hockey sticks did he walk 500 miles through YNP and the Tetons in weather like this with snowshoes, a pack and a his bison blanket?  He must have been one tough SOB.

2.  Watch the Star Wars Triology for the 89th time.  Then press play and watch it again.  Stoke the fire between and allow the bird dogs on the couch…..just this once.

1.  If you’re a single fishing guide, this might be the one time you’re cussing yourself for getting kicked to the curb this past summer by that young lady who couldn’t figure out why trout were more important than she was.  Start planning for the future and cut more wood for the stove next summer.  You won’t have a girlfriend next winter either.  OR, better yet,  go to the Bahamas next winter.  Cutting wood sucks.

Think Summer. Flipflops, shorts, cold beers and Hebgen Lake Gulpers