Bill, Kuhnert & Bob....Doubled up.

 Bill Cave & Friends just finished up their third trip the Missouri River in as  many years.   They love the fall for its solitude and the possibility of superb fishing.  Weather can make or break a trip in October.  Last year, in October, the group got the short end of the stick with the weather.  It was 70 and sunny for days on end….we fished in shorts and threw hoppers.  While it was a fun time, the fishing wasn’t that great.  This year, the guys came a week later and fished 5 days instead of 3.  We are very lucky to get clients like these guys (actually most of our clients are laid back) who come every year, are a joy to fish with and just go with the flow. 

They know the season is long and that we are near the end…..and might just need a few more minutes in the morning.  Kuhnert refers to it as  “Wander Time”…….disappear, reappear, smoke a butt….grab some ice…stroll to the Trout Shop for breakfast…roll out at 9 sharp. 

They know that the river will produce with more cloud cover……clouds bring the bugs, bugs get eaten. 

They know that when the wind blows, well, that’s just the way it goes. 

No big deal.  Cast again, mend, set the hook…..let em’ run. 

They get it…..and book for next season the day they leave.  Thanks boys, see ya in 2012.

Still some color around...not for long.

 Yesterday was my last day of the 2011 Guide Season.  Over the past 7  days, while on the Missouri, I guided alongside three of the finest guides on the Missouri River.  Greg Falls, Peter Skidmore and Mike Kuhnert work with Big Sky Anglers throughout the season.  They are all gainfully employed by Headhunters Fly Shop as well, and each one will chalk up 130 plus days each year on the Missouri River.   I start my season with these three and end my season with these three.  I can’t think of a better way to begin and end the year….. I never have to worry if the clients are having a great time.  It always happens.  Thanks fellas. 

RO reflection.