In 3 days…………….

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………..the Madison opens.  It remains to be seen how clear the river will be on the Opener.  There is color moving through Quake, which could be the determinging factor.  The West Fork’s brown line was running the bank – it wasnt’t dirty shorts brown though.  A drive down to the river tomorrow afternoon to check things out should provide some ideas for Saturday’s  plan.   Mother Nature is dealing us a cold hand right now with gusty north winds and cloudy days.  Someone is calling for a few iches tonight in the high country, hopefully they are wrong, or atleast if falls on the west side of the divide.  The over night temps are sticking around the low thirtys with chances of rain every day for the next five or so.  The campers at Pine Butte and Reynolds could take a beating. 

Madison River Flows

Below Hebgen – 1230 CFS…dropped a about 175 today.

@ Kirby – 1610 cfs….steady flows, West Fork a bit muddy

@ Varney – 2090 cfs…Indian Crk may have cleared a bit.

The Mud line above Lyons Bridge - 05/16.