Hopper Time

by | Aug 14, 2008 | 0 comments

Out of Hebgen: 841 cfs

At Kirby: 959 cfs

Grasshopppers are out in abundance and on windy days you’ll find them floating naturally in the middle of the river and along the banks. Fishing the middle of the river with long drifts and twitching the hopper from time to time will bring some extremely aggresive strikes. Spruce Moths are starting to taper off a bit, but the trout are still willing to rise and eat our presentations.  There are ants in along the Willow banks and these terrestrials are a major part of a trout’s late summer diet.  The fishing has been slowing down around 3 in the afternoon…..but there are still fish rising after 3, and anglers need to pay close attention as these trout are super sneaky and will actually grab the legs of a hopper to submurge it before eating it.  There are tons of little fish (2-8 inches) eating dry flies all day.  The big fish are there, but most of them eat when the sun is rising and setting.  There are large trout eating throughout the day, but they have become harder to catch.

 Finally, about 3 days ago, PPL decided to put some more water in the river. They bumped it from 757 to 841.  I guess that water skiing and floating boat docks are more important than the health of a fishery. Don’t get me wrong, I like water sports, but there is plenty of H2O in Hebgen for water skiing and a foot or two less isn’t gonna hurt it.  We have recieved some rain showers and cooler weather as of late, but more water would make the fish happy….and please a few anglers as well. We can’t always count on Mother Nature to help out………that is why there is a dam to hold the water.

If you would like to email PPL to voice your concern on the water level in the Madison please do: leelias@pplweb.com,