Located in the northeast corner of the Park, the Lamar offers both road and backcountry access to anglers.  Native Yellowstone cutthroats and rainbows make up the majority of the fish population.  Runoff often lasts until late July, making the Lamar the last river in the Park to become fishable each year.  Even when runoff is complete the Lamar is often muddied by thunderstorms in its headwaters.  If you arrive to find the Lamar muddy, check out the nearby Slough Creek.  Though hatches of mayflies and caddis bring fish to the surface when conditions are right the majority of fishing on the Lamar is done with large attractor dry flies, terrestrial insect imitations, and standard nymphs.

The Lamar Valley is a favorite location for viewing wildlife as well as fishing.  It flows through a spectacular, broad valley surrounded by mountain peaks.  Bison, pronghorns, grizzly bears, and even wolves are commonly seen in this area.  Use caution while fishing and enjoy the wildlife from a safe vantage point.


Lamar River, Yellowstone National Park