The Gibbon offers up a variety of fishing options and water types unmatched by many rivers 10 times its size.  It is a small river, but along its length one can find placid meadow reaches, fast and steep canyon water, and classic riffle-run-pool habitat all mixed in with spectacular water falls and interesting thermal features.  The road runs along most of the Gibbon’s length, making access relatively easy.

Typically, easier fishing can be had in the faster sections or in the headwater reaches, where the trout run a bit smaller and less picky about your offerings.  Attractor dries and nymphs work well in these areas.  The meadow reaches hold fish of all sizes, but landing any trout over 14 inches will prove a formidable challenge.  Approaching the river stealthily and matching the hatch is critical.  There is no substitute for experience when it comes predicting hatches and fooling a large trout on the Gibbon!

Take note that the Gibbon River downstream of Gibbon Falls is designated fly fishing only. Spinning rods are allowed, but they must be used with a casting bubble or bobber and a fly.


Gibbon River, Yellowstone National Park