The Firehole is truly a unique river, offering good access, fine dry fly fishing opportunities, and an opportunity to fish alongside all the wonders of Yellowstone Park.  Thermal features line the river, and animals such as elk and bison are seen in large numbers.  The Firehole fishes best early and late in the season when water temperatures are below 70 degrees.  In fact, in recent year the river has been closed to fishing during the middle of the summer due to elevated water temperatures.  Brook trout dominate in the reaches upstream of Old Faithful while rainbows and browns are common downstream of Biscuit Basin.  Important hatches include several species of mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, midges, and even damselflies.  Check in with us to get up to the minute information on the hatches when you arrive.  When the trout are rising, matching the hatch is the best way to fool the trout.  Otherwise, fishing small nymphs and soft hackles, dead drift or on the swing, will likely produce a few grabs.

Take note that the Firehole River is designated fly fishing only. Spinning rods are allowed, but they must be used with a casting bubble or bobber and a fly.  Also note that the area around Old Faithful is closed to fishing to protect thermal features.  Many of the Park’s thermal features are located on or near the Firehole.  These thermal features are dangerous as well as beautiful, so use caution when walking the banks of the Firehole.


Firehole River - Yellowstone National Park

Firehole River – Yellowstone National Park