Holiday Shopping Guide….jingle, jingle

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 Each year Mom and Dad ask me, separately that is, what they might possibly get for the other for Christmas….something that Santa might bring them, you know?  Afterall, what do you buy for someone whom you have been married to since 1969? Your loved one normally buys exactly what they want for these types of hobbies.  Surprises are rare.  Ideas for my Mom are a bit harder to figure out, but for my Father, well it’s endless.  He hunts and fishes, therefore there are hundreds of options.  The Cabela’s catelog alone shows us that. Then, it comes out, that they want something unique.  Something from the Big Sky Country…out West.  Over the next week or so, BSA will divulge several unique Christmas gifts available, for the most part, online or with a click of the button.

Christmas is coming...are you done shopping?



Hand tied flies from yours truely.  Customed tied flies are tried and true…..and unique.  If a full time professional fishing guide is going to spend his time tying flies, then dag-gonn-it, they work! The flies listed below are new to my arsenal of fishy flies and have been fished with great success on the Madison, Missouri, Yellowstone, Gallatin, Soda Butte Cr, Slough Creek, Lamar River….if they work here in Montana and Wyoming, they will work everywhere….

Buzzball Cripple


$24 per dozen. $30 with shipping.

The fly pictured above, The Buzzball Cripple, fooled lots of trout this summer.  Notably, on the Missouri River.  I gave a few of these to LG, who guides “the Brits” for 30 days each summer for the last 15 years.  This anlging couple are strick DFOs and will only fish to trout which are rising and only with a single dry fly.  Purists?  Hell ya.  But who really cares, it’s their day on the water.  Anymore, they hate the original Buzzball because they can’t see the limey bastard….they loved my variation on the Buzzball and roped them on this fly up by the Dam.  You will too. Tied in a #14, #16, #18.  Specify size.  Email joe@bigskyanglers.com for details. 

The Chubby Lady


$30 per dozen, $36 with shipping.

The Chubby Lady is a pattern I came up with this past August.  Tired of fishing everyone else’s hopper, with limited success, I conjured up this fly at midnight while cranking flies for the next day’s trip.  It killed ’em……on the Jellystone, Madison, YNP and even the Missouri.  Fish this fly with atleast 6lb Maxima, or you may be buying a few more.  The Chubby Lady is tied in a #8 and #10.   Email joe@bigskyanglers.com for details.

#2 – gear

The Original River Pants – Custom Made in Montana by Outa Ware.


A fine pair of fishing pants. Quick dry and comfy.

 Fishing gear takes a beat down, especially if used day after day.  The Original River Pants ($80), above in navy, gave me countless days of use.  I alternated with a different pair every few days and guided most of June, July, August and Sept in these quick dry pants. Check out Outa Warefor custom orders and more gear from Andy Tuller.

#3 – tunes

A great band.

Ryan Bingham and the Deadhorses have been on my playlist for awhile now.  The album above is classic.  Check out his other albums as well.

#4  – Cheap Art

Original Artwork by Jen Holyer.

I had no idea that our friend, Jen Holyer, was such a wonderful painter.  She gave my wife and I the painting below for our wedding.  Click on the link above to check out her site and available paintings.  Commisions are always welcome.

Painted by Jen Holyer, a local artist.

Stay tuned for more shopping ideas for that oh so hard to buy for angling companion……….