J. Kelly and a 22 incher. Well done.

During the season, it’s almost next to impossible to field phone calls from your guide buddies working on other rivers.  On the other hand, when photos like thses show up on your phone, a call back is mandatory.  Especially when it involves dry fly angling.  While on the Missouri last week,  Jonathon Heames (a Trouthunter Guide and fellow outfitter in Montana) and I traded river reports every few days.  The Missouri was stable at 21K and nymphing well and The Fork had been on the drop…… then the bugs exploded.  It has been as good as it gets down there, but things are gettting a little tricky.   There has been quite a bit of pressure on the Henry’s Fork but the fish are still eating.  Drag it once.  Done.  Change flies, try again.  Drag it again. Done.  Change flies, keep your cool and do it right this time.  If you do, fish like this will eat your flies. 


Jonathon holding one of Jim's big ones. 24 in.

 Happy Birthday America.  Thanks to all who keep us safe and sound in this great country.