Hebgen to Quake

by | Mar 8, 2010 | 0 comments


That’s a no brainer. 

After bacon and eggs, I drove down the road and met up with Mickey Wooten yesterday morning.  It was actually closer to noon as we headed down to fish below Hebgen Dam, but who really cares.  Upon arriving to the Madison, we quickly realized that is was a weekend, even worse, a SUNDAY.  We counted 8 rigs and drove on by contemplating what our next move was.  I threw out a drive to McAtee, but was turned down because of the 1/4 tank of gas. So we turned the Suburban around, drove back and parked along the highway at the entrance to Campfire Lodge.  We decided to gear up and take a walk.  Maybe we wouldn’t fish……..depending on the crowds downstream.  The Madison is flowing 804 cfs out of Hebgen Dam.  Crossing the river at 804 cfs is too easy at these flows and a few people had figured that out already.  We fished behind anglers all day long and rocked them.  Browns and rainbows…..mostly rainbows. Olive Rubber Legs, redwire midges, shop vacs, $3 Dips, Golden Stones…….winter shit.  Drift it, they will eat it.


Stop log from Hebgen Dam.