Hebgen Lake

by | Aug 11, 2005 | 0 comments

Yesterday we got to the lake a little later than expected and found fish rising when we arrived. Two local guides and myself rigged the boat and dropped it into the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake. There were lots of trout rising, but their patterns were inconsistent. Most of these trout were cruising large distances between rises, but they sometimes would eat two or three times and then cruise, only to rise once 10 yards away. So, we decided that the best way to get’em was nymphs. After rowing out away from the bank we dropped ancor and waited for cruising trout to swim nearby. Most of the time we were casting 60 feet of line and then waiting for the flies to sink. Then, by curling in the fly line ever so slowly, the trout would crash our flies, rip line and jump. It was alot of fun. We would have been out there all afternoon if lake had not erupted into 3 foot swells and 30 mph winds resulting in almost two inches of hail. There has been lots of rain so far this August. The river temps are cool and there are fish eating flies.