Hebgen Lake Report

by | Aug 8, 2012 | 0 comments

One can find lots and lots of rising trout on Hebgen Lake each day.   There are flying ants, calibaetis, midges, tricos, damsels and a few caddis hovering around the lake.  Hebgen’s elevation is sitting about 2 feet from full and those weed beds are starting to get thick with rising fish.  Some days are much easier than others – take warning now, as these fish are cruising a bit further between eats on bright sunny days.  If you find that one gulper actually gulping, chase it down.  On the other hand, if there is some cloud cover, these fish get “easy” and rise four or more times, allowing one to get a good shot at a moving target…..sometimes under 30 feet from the boat!

Beware the ski boats!  It seems as if there is no other place to water ski other than the Madison Arm right now.   While most folks are willing to share the lake (I am for sure), why would you fly mach 3 through a bunch of anglers (fishing to rising trout), throwing a four foot wake?  Did you not see the dozen or more middle fingers being pointed in your direction?  Oh and that second pass……really?   We all love to use the lake, but waking other boats is not courteous.  The Madison Arm is famous for it’s glass, but when there are forty some odd crafts on the Arm between 9 and noon, maybe you could find another time to ski the arm….just sayin’.