Hebgen Lake

by | Aug 7, 2005 | 0 comments

Gulp……..It is that time of the year on Hebgen Lake. We have been out fishing to those large cruising trout for about 3 weeks now, but it is just starting to get consistent. There are tricos, caddis, midges and calibaetis…….and a little wind. We like to get on the lake by 9:00 am and that gives plenty of time to get coffee and a doughnut beforehand. There is one pattern that has outdone others over the past few years, but I am running short on them. Thankfully though, I was there the night it was created across the bench from me. A great friend and former guide from Texas, Johnny C., came up with this particular spinner about 4 years ago and I will never use another spinner patttern because of him. I am the kind of guy that likes to fish one dry fly almost everywhere, except Hebgen. If I get refused on the lake then I will drop a nymph and wait for the twitch. The trout on Hebgen love spinners and they love the JC Spinner. It is not very often that a trout will refuse this pattern and therefore I can still fish just one fly. We should have good sport on the area lakes for awhile.