Hebgen Dam……still flowing

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The flows out of Hebgen are 3200 cfs.  The following text comes from PPLs website. It was written on Spet 5th.

” PPL Montana working to slow flows from Hebgen Dam

PPL Montana plans to install a steel bulkhead Monday to slow flows from the damaged intake structure at Hebgen Dam near West Yellowstone.

The plan calls for drilling well casing into the floor of the intake structure in the center and just in front of the dam’s outlet tunnel. The well casing will then be filled with concrete. This well casing will serve as a guide for a steel bulkhead, now being fabricated, that will be lowered in front of the tunnel entrance.

Once the flows are slowed, divers will be able to get into the intake structure to inspect and determine why it failed. A plan for permanent repairs will be developed after that.

“Making these repairs at Hebgen Dam is a complicated challenge,” said David Hoffman, director of External Affairs for PPL Montana. “But we believe we have a well-developed engineering plan to slow the flows and keep the public and our employees safe.”

There are no public safety concerns at this time, and the integrity of the dam is safe, according to on-site monitoring equipment, Hoffman said.

“By installing the bulkhead, the goal is to achieve normal water flow level for this time of year, about 850 cubic feet per second,” he said.

Hebgen Lake is just north of the Idaho border near Yellowstone Park. Hebgen is used to store water from a 905-square-mile drainage area at the headwaters of the Madison-Missouri river system, home to eight PPL Montana hydroelectric plants. ”

The river is fishing very well around Reynolds Pass to Pine Butte.  Fishing the banks with big flies will catch trout.  Be careful not to wade very far off the bank as you will end up in Ennis or tied up in a log jam. I have not floated below Palisades as of yet, but have heard that anglers are catching fish….I bet the streamer fishing is pretty good.

 Stay tuned as I will write another report once we hear from PPL and the status of Hebgen Dam changes.