Headed North

by | Oct 13, 2012 | 0 comments

The weather in the photo above is on it’s way out.  As I sit here in West Yellowstone, the clouds are hanging low with moisture not too far away.  In a hour, my rig is heading north, back to the Missouri for a few days of guiding and with any luck a little fishing of my own.   Mother Nature is giving us what we need – a break from the warm sunshine and 65 degree temps.  Don’t get me wrong, this is gorgeous weather for October, but most fishers want the clouds, some wet stuff and yes – dry fly angling.

A phone call the day before from my clients yielded just one question:  “Are they eating mayflies and streamers on the Missouri?”.

Yup.  They are.

Jonathan Heames has been living on the Missouri for the past three weeks, giving me updates on an almost daily basis.   He has yet to tie on a bobber and beadheads, fishing streamers and dry flies the entire time.  We hooked up last week for a string of guide trips together and I will see him again this evening.

We have been fishing Freestone Fly Rods in all types of situations.  Recently, I ordered two nine and half foot 7 weights for the clients arriving later in the weekend.  Let me tell you this – these are the finest fly rods ever made.  No bullshit.  Yea, they are expensive, but you will never buy another rod – ever.  Bernard at Freestone is building just one model for the graphite series of rods and this will not change.  That’s right, this rod will not be discontinued for next year’s “new line of rods”.  Available in 4 weight through 8 weight and custom built for 9 weights.   Never heard of Freestone?  Check em out.