HB 309…barely alive….”kicking”

by | Mar 24, 2011 | 0 comments

The boys in Craig at Headhunters have the latest on HB 309…….check it out…….defeated the Dark Side will be. 

‘Liner . . . as noted, HB309 is still kicking, sort of.

Tuesday, March 22, the Senate Ag committee held a hearing on SB405 (Sen. Anders Blewitt) to ban wire across rivers. Today, Thursday, the committee heard arguments to add a defintion of ‘ditch’ to SB405, but the idea was killed. Next, Sen. Rick Ripley moved to take HB309 off the table, but, after discussion, withdrew his motion.

Be aware that the forces behind HB309 are not giving up easily . . .

                     – Robin Cunningham.  FOAM