Happy Father’s Day

by | Jun 17, 2012 | 0 comments

I would not be here without a father (above with 6 lb Largmouth from last week) who took me outside to see the natural world.   Thanks Dad.  As for you folks out there – take your kids out of doors and get them interested in fishing, hunting, camping, the stars…….good things will come from it…….I promise……look at me…..somehow I didn’t end up in jail.  Why?  Because I was forced out of the house and into the woods.  Yes, at times I was forced to do this, but always came out wanting more.   Now a days, I even manage to scratch out a living from the out of doors.  I owe this to my Father (and Mother who allowed me to skip church to hunt ducks or fish on Sunday).

Anyways – Happy Father’s Day.