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The gulper fishing has been good to great for the last month.

Having been way to busy to fish Hebgen much at all this summer, I finally got out there a couple of days ago with my good buddy Brian Worely.  He lives on Hebgen for most of August guiding clients.  Since BSA doesn’t have the proper GNF permit to outfit the lake, I don’t guide Hebgen anymore.  However, I am on the hunt for a lake boat and by next season we will be in business on Hebgen once again.  BSA can put the lake boat in at one of two marinas on Hebgen and gain access to Hebgen Lake.  I acutally found a great boat down in SLC, and once I get a chance it will be mine.  With a little help from ER, this boat will become THE vessel for Hebgen. It will have bow and stern casting platforms, oar locks for rowing and a full camo paint job.  We might even smoke a few ducks from it.


B Worley on Hebgen Lake

Later today I am headed up to Craig to guide the Missouri along side of Dane Huzarsky owner of Montana Trout Wranglers.  Dane is an old friend and asked if I would come up to help him out…..”of course”  was my answer.  This will be a short trip up to the Mighty Missouri, but it will be nice to hang around and see my friends at Headhunters Fly Shop. 

Another nice one of the brown flavor.

This past week has been a tough one, mentally that is.  A good friend, fishing guide and fellow archery partner, Mike Seim, passed away suddenly on August 18, 2010.  You will be missed.  Vio con dios, amigo.