We offer Introduction to Fly Fishing Clinics for folks who would like to begin to experience fly fishing in our area and learn the basics of fly fishing, and for experienced anglers who would like to upgrade their existing quiver of fly fishing skills.  These clinics last approximately 3 hours.  Plenty of fish are caught during these clinics, but it is important to know that the focus is primarily instructional and introductory.

We offer Introduction to Fly Fishing Clinics in either the walk/wade or the float trip format.  In most instances, we encourage folks to start out wade fishing as it allows for a slower pace, and more direct, one-on-one attention from the guide.  Introduction to Fly Fishing Clinic floats are an option for anglers with more limited mobility, and your guide may opt to use the boat for transportation between spots where you stop for instruction and fishing on foot.  Really, it comes down to what is going to work best for you.

We are only able to offer up to three Introduction to Fly Fishing Clinics per day during the summer, so if this is an option you are interested in, we recommend contacting us well in advance.





What’s included?
Approximately 3 hours of guided fishing, rods, reels, boots, waders.

What’s not included?

Licenses and gratuity.


These clinics are limited to the waters closest to town to minimize travel time and maximize teaching time!  For a beginner angler, these clinics will focus on everything from rigging up a rod and casting, to knot tying, fly selection, reading water, wading, and other streamcraft.  For an experienced angler, one of our custom tailored clinics might focus on teaching new techniques including the following:

Advanced fly casting

Advanced nymphing tactics, including Czech or Euro nymphing,
tight line nymphing, and indicator methods

Swung fly and/or two handed rod casting and fishing

Advanced dry fly methods, including matching the hatch, pocket water,
active presentations, and technical spring creek approaches

Streamer fishing tactics including advanced sinking lines, rigging, retrieves,
and presentations on foot and from the boat

Introduction to stillwater (lake) fly fishing

Introduction to rowing a raft or driftboat