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Today's weather was windy and rainy.

The Madison is green and very fishable with about 18 inches of visibility.  Nymphing will be king, but I would be they’ll eat a streamer too…..I have caught fish on dries at this color plenty of times.   Not saying it will fish well with dries, but lots of fellas will be fishing underneath tomorrow and these trout will rise. 

Reynolds Pass

 The river looks great at Reynolds.  There is not one camper here, the wind and rain has kept them at bay.   They probably headed over to the Beaverhead.  Good.   The river in between the lake is packed with anglers, most of which were stepping on redds.  Cabin is blowing mud halfway, so that is keeping most folks from accessing the other side of the river.  The west fork is lossing in some color, but the river looks quite fishable below there too. 

Looking downstream of Lyons Bridge.

Tomorrow forecast is similar to today.  More wind, rain and cooler temps.  Dress for it…….the sun might pop out too.  Slide Inn is rumored to have fishing lunches this season, if you are hungry mid-day, stop in there….atleast it will be warm…..and Kelly sells beer.