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I was in Bozeman yesterday to attend a FOAM meeting and afterwards I headed downtown to take care of business. While strolling through town in amazement of the explosion that leveled the Rocking R, Boodles and the American Legion, I walked in to the Salvation Army.  I am a huge fan of pawn shops, antique stores and thrift shops.  I would like to thank my parents for that – maybe not the pawn shops, but the others for sure. I am always amazed at the vintage clothing one can find on the cheap.  Molly was there to remind me that we needed to wash anything we got before wearing it.  In my college days I would go get a “new” shirt at the local thrift shop and wear it out the door with shorts, flip-flips, sunglasses and long hair flowing in the wind……….dirty hippies.

“Bibles for a $1”

only-1-bible.jpg   While in the Salvation Army, I saw a great sign (above) and stood there for about a few minutes pondering its meaning……..Greed is what I came up with.  Greed will get you know where in life and is part of the reason our country is in such turmoil.  It is, after all, one of the 7 deadly sins and will lead you down a path of darkness….somewhat like Darth Vader.  When anglers new to my boat climb aboard and say “I just want to catch as many fish as I can and the bigger the better”, I think to myself – “this guy doesn’t even know what it’s about, I should put the boat back on the trailer, give him back his money and go fishing by myself for the day”.  But, I would never do that and I always end up trying to show that angler why we really are on the water. I guess my point is – when you come to MT to fish with a guide, don’t try to by all the bibles for a $1.00 each…it’ll get you knowhere fast.