Getting Greener, Fish looking up

by | Jul 12, 2011 | 0 comments

Swallow's Cliffs on the Madison River.

She’s a little greener, a bit lower and the fish are on the bite.  Dave and I rolled Lyons to Mac today just to stay infront of the pack at the ramp.  A rubber leg and prince nymph worked well fished off the banks in the trough till lunch.  After a picnic at Palisades, we pushed off with Salmonflies rigged and ready to be tossed at the banks.   There are more salmonflies on certain banks than I have seen in a very long time.  Naturals are now being sucked down if left to drift the bank…shake a willow tree along the bank and watch what happens…….carnage.


Opps......that hurts. Watch out folks, she's big.

This boat was full of water and propped up on these rocks below one of the irrigation channels downstream of Ruby Creek.  It looked like someone had thought about going down the channel but then realized that it leads to a field downstream and when they tried to re-enter the river a pile of boulders was in their way.   Like I said in the last post – Be Careful down there.  The flows are fast and powerful and things like this can happen quickly. 


Big Bug strikes again. Yes, they're eating it.