Off to the Missouri

by | Oct 21, 2011 | 0 comments

All curled up.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for the Missouri River to guide for the next week….my last 5 trips of the 2011 season.  The clients are due in Sunday and the trip actually starts Monday morning.   G. Falls and I will prefish on Saturaday and Sunday as I need a couple days on the water before I actually guide…….that’s they way I do it.  Sure, I could show up Sunday eve and guide the river blind, but getting in a couple days on the water always feels better.  G. Falls has been on the water over 100 days – all on the Missouri and I haven’t seen the Mighty Mo since July. 

Take me with you.....

The Germans won’t stop following me around the house as I pack and get my gear ready for the Missouri.  They think we are headed out again for another hunt –  not yet.  Huck finally gave up and went to bed.  Stella, on the other hand, was walking all over my clothes and bags so she got the boot, outside to the anchor rope lead.  Old lead anchors work really well for staking out the pup.  

 It’s hard to leave them this time of the year.   All they want to do is run in the field and look for birds – me too.   10 days from now, the three of us will head out to Eastern Montana for another round of bird hunting and puppy training.  Stella is green, but birdy and has the drive. 

Stella...puppies....so damn cute.

My better half is a champ when it comes time for me to travel and guide on the road.  I hit the pavement several times a season and leave her to take care of everything – dogs included.   Next month is our 2 year anniversary and we are headed out for a little R & R….just not sure exactly where……yet.   Somewhere warm would be nice before Winter sets in….SoCal????  Barry, are you reading?

My better half.