There is nothing worse than traveling across the globe for your dream trip, after extensive planning and anticipation, only to arrive and find out that “those flies don’t work here” or “you should have brought different wading gear” or “that rod will never handle these fish”.

We have learned a lot over the years about what you need in different places, in different conditions, and at different times of the season. We work closely with our partners throughout Patagonia to develop new flies, and refine new fishing strategies. We are on the cutting edge of advancements in gear designs, and in constant contact with our team on the ground to keep our finger on the pulse of current conditions. We know when it’s a dry year, or a cold season; when the dragonflies are hatching, and when the migratory fish are moving.

Whether you are traveling with us, or one of the other great operations in Patagonia, contact us today to make sure you have the right gear to make your next trip a success.