Gear that works – Outa Ware

by | Apr 25, 2010 | 0 comments

Old school Montana Gear

 I have seen this logo for as long as I have lived in Montana, but I have not owned any gear till now.  Huge mistake on my part…….and yours.  Do you like clothing that is truely made in the USA, by the owner of the company? Do you have a problem finding gear that fits or having trouble finding someone who will custom tailor for you without breaking the bank?  Look no further. Andy Tuller is your man.

Andy Tuller, the owner and seamstress, has made OutaWare for over 16 years.  He orginally made his gear while patrolling at Big Sky Ski Resort and started out making mittens.  From there he went on to make ski patrol vests, jackets and bibs.  His gear is bomber and will last forever.  If it fails, even after years of abuse, he will fix it or replace it.  Gear that is guaranteed for life.  No where in the outdoor clothing industry will you find that.  Patagonia will come close, but it will not last as long as OutaWare.  A buddy of mine is a tele-skier at Big Sky who manages about 70 days on the mountain each year and his Couloir bibs have lasted 8 seasons.  He sent them to Andy for repair and got them back looking brand new…..at no charge. 

For my birthday, my lovely wife Molly got me a pair of the Original River Pants.  Durable, light-weight, quick-dry pants that will replace every other fishing pant that I own.  I can’t wait to bird hunt in these as well. 


check'em out.