Gallatin is clear and nymphing well.

by | May 12, 2009 | 0 comments


The Gallatin is fishing really well in the Canyon right now and the clarity is hanging in there. 2 days ago,  I fished dries for a while without a rise and then put on nymphs and got’em.  The stonefly pictured above was my number one fly and below it I had a purple prince. I came up with that stonefly nymph, which doesn’t have a name just yet, about a month ago.  I was going to use it for a skwala nymph, but never got to fish that hatch. That’s a 1/8 tung head, so extra lead weight wasn’t needed to get down to the trout.  Lots of small trout, 8-10 inches in length,  were extremely active and  I did manage to land a few in the 13-16 inch range. 


Yellowstone National Park is open to vehicler travel.  This one of the only times of the season that one can drive through the Park without the masses of people.  Once late June rolls around, the tourists flock to YNP.  The photo below is a grizzly foraging near the Twin Lakes just south of Roaring Mountain.  Molly and I watched him for about 20 minutes……this is about as close we like to be.      


 Just a few more days and the Madison below Quake will open – May 16th to be exact.  This should be one of the best season openers in a long time.  We have plenty of water and our trout are strong from last seasons high flows.  I will be around fishing and guiding for the next couple of weeks and if you are interested in hitting the river for a day of fishing, give me a call.  Stay tuned for more updates!