Fulfilling a fix

by | Mar 4, 2010 | 0 comments


A winter brown trout…..caught just a few hours ago on a stonefly.

I bought my new fishing license and headed out of West Yellowstone.  It was cloudy, warm, a little snowy and not too windy. I wadered up at the house and drove around the lake.  Slipping into the Madison downstream of Hebgen Lake, there were midges rolling across the river.  My rod was rigged, having left it the last time I fished dry flies at $3 Bridge.  While watching for a head, I re-tied my knots, applied some floatant and cracked a beer.  I drank the entire thing waiting for a nose to peak out.  Should’ve brought another one.


Snowy Banks

After fishing blind for a half hour, I switched out to a stonefly, shop vac and a bobber. Wandering upstream I found a couple nice browns hanging near the bank.  That was all I wanted. I was done. Great Day.


This one jumped four times and ran twice.