Flowing Green……for now.

by | May 15, 2008 | 0 comments

The Madison below Hebgen Dam is flowing 942 cfs and 1160 at Kirby Ranch.  These flows should sustain for a few more days depending on how warm it actually gets this weekend.  We took a drive yesterday over Reynold’s Pass and stopped at Reynolds bridge to have a look. The river is Bitch Creek Green and looks very fishy. Quake Lake still has quite a bit of ice and slush on it, but there is access now at the Quake Boat Ramp. Run-off from Cabin and Beaver creeks is making its way through the lake, but the lake is still green and not brown. We should get a few days of fishing out of the river, hopefully a week.  Cabin and Beaver are blown, but not chocolate. More like a cup of coffee with a ton of cream.  The main body of Hebgen Lake is still ice and slush, but the Madison, South Fork and Grayling arms are open.  The ground is saturated with water in the Hebgen Lake Basin and Yellowstone National Park as well as the Madison Valley. Up here at higher elevations the ground is still frozen and not soaking up much water. 

The weather report for the weekend is sunshine with highs in the 70s to 80s and lows in the 2os. There is a system coming in and by Tuesday or Wednesday we are scheduled for a chance of rain.  Things in the Madison Valley are going to get very interesting by the middle of the week. The West Fork and Indian Creek will blow out this weekend, but who knows how bad. Only time will tell.  There is still plenty of water that will fish upstream of the West Fork and  Indian Creek.

 The lower Madison will fish well this weekend and the crowds should be upstream.  Once things warm up, we should get the blanket caddis hatches that we have yet to see…….and a few more rising fish.

 Stay tuned for fishing reports this weekend.