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Florida’s water is now starting to warm up to a consistent temperature and today I packed my bags to make the long trip home. Bummer. There are several stops along the way and we won’t be in MT until the first of May. Next year, I hope to stay down here until the first June so that I can get a shot at a Tarpon.

Since we are leaving a little earlier than we had once thought, I am going to hunt turkey’s in IL and MO. My Dad has been out scouting the spots over the past few weeks (he also found some nice white tail sheds) and says the turkeys have been very active. Last night he sat and glassed 10 birds on a hillside where we have killed several Toms over the years. There was one big Tom which was all fanned out and strutting. Gobble gobble!!

The mountains around SW Montana have been receiving more snow over the past couple of weeks. Rain in the vally and snow in the peaks. I bet we don’t see any substantial run off until June. May has been very wet the past few years and I would bet nothing changes this year. Expect to have great fishing in April and May on the area rivers.

I friend of mine in Bozeman called and said the BWOs have popped on the Yellowstone, Spring Creeks and the lower Madison. He reported good action on dry flies and nymphs.

The upper Madison above Ennis is fishing pretty well with nymphs and buggers. On warmer overcast days there should fish poking their heads out for BWOs. A few more weeks and there should be some March Browns.