by | Feb 4, 2006 | 0 comments

I have been busy. I applogize for not updating my reports as often as one should. Sorry.

I wish that I could say that I have been out fishing in the boat, but I have now taken the carburetor off for the third time and it is headed to a mechanic friend of mine’s house on Super boal Sunday. GO SEAHAWKS!!! I was out wade fishing today at a spot that I was recently shown, but we got hit with a huge storm and I got blown out of there by the wind. Just north of here there were areas that recieved 15 inches of rain, in about 3 hours.

Last week I landed a sheephead that went almost to 20 inches. It pulled like a train. I have never seen one that big cruising the flat. Sheephead are equivalent to a zebra in the ocean, in looks that is. They aren’t talked about very much in the fly fishing world, but there are quite a few on the particular flat that I wade and they apparently eat flies from time to time. Normally, I have seen them around docks picking off the barnacles and eating them.

Montana has been pounded with snow so far this winter. The Madison Range is at 122% and the Gallatin Range is at 119%. If this keeps up, we are slated for one of the biggest water years sinced 1997. I hear the Tram line at BS has been the place to hang out. I wish I was there…..for a day or two.