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Over the past few weeks I took another trip to Titusville and fished another back slough off Palma Sola Bay. The first evening in the Indian River was windy and cool, but I was able to hook into a red that I spoted laid up on a sand spot. That red came unbuttoned after about 5 seconds and we decided to drink beer and head back to the boat dock instead of dealing with the 20 mph winds. The boat ride back was bumpy and wet, to say the least. Pat, Holly and I went up to the St. John’s River the following day in search of the Shad that run during the Spring. Another windy day and no fish. We did however take a cruise way up the St. John’s and that proved to be a great time. Lots of gators.

The slough off Palma Sola Bay, which I call CS Slough, has a few reds and snook that hang out when the tide is right. I have hooked a few fish in there but they run for the mangroves and I have to break them off. I busted a fly line in there last week. I think the line was nicked.

Montana – The snow is still falling in most parts of Montana, but there are fish biting from what I hear. I talked with Cam from Blue Ribbon a few days ago and he said that there is still atleast 4 feet of snow on the ground in West Yellowstone. The Madison and Gallatin Range are still above 100% of normal snowpack. There are select days when it gets warm, but there has been no significant melting yet. The lower Madison below Bear Trap has been fishing pretty good with nymphs. I have not heard whether there are any BWO’s yet. Most likey they should emerge in the next few weeks.

I will be heading home to MT on April 9th with a few stops along the way. After turkey hunting in Illinois or Missouri in late April, Holly and I should be back in SW Montana by the middle of May.