Float it dry…….because they’ll eat it.

by | Jul 20, 2008 | 0 comments

Today was just one of those days.  A day that will make you say “you should have been here yesterday”.  A day when most of fish in the river were looking up and willing to take a big dry flies on 2X and small dries on 3x.  We are in full swing on the Madison and this could shape up to be one of those seasons in Montana that we all remember for solid dry fly fishing.  I talked to my buddy Mark Raisler on the Missouri two days ago and the caddis are thick as thieves and from the sounds of you could walk across the river atop the rising trout.  Sounds like paradise. 

The flow on the Madison out of Hebgen is 860 or so and 1190 at the Old Kirby Place.  Hopefully, the river stays at this flow for the next several weeks.  Luckily, Mother Nature is keeping things cool at night and wet in the afternoons.  The hatches are prolific, especially the caddis and stone flies.  But I have also seen more green drakes this year than most.  The green drakes are isolated to certain streches of river, so when you see one tie on a #12 Parachute Adams….they will eat it.  We got a bunch of nice trout on a #14 Royal Wulff throughout the entire day fished mid river or tight to the bank.  Whatever your pleasure.  I have been on the river for the last 16 in a row and the next day I have off I am headed to the airport to pick up 10 guys and host them at the Old Kirby Place for a few days of fishing.  Make hay when the sun shines….

There is no substitute for time on the river.  It just feels good.  Stay tuned for more reports as July rolls by like a bowling ball from the Walter’s hand on league night.  Mark it 8 Dude.