Flash in the Pan

by | Jul 26, 2010 | 0 comments

oh so good......

The Missouri was pretty good this time around.  Some dry fly fishing, a bunch of nymphing and several long days.  On the road a ton this time of the year….. been back for four days and rowing the Madison.  Our trout or getting smarter by the hook set.  The big browns are hiding throughout the river and the rainbows seem to be hanging out in the deeper runs.  Nymphing with big pheasant tails, olive hare’s ears soft hackle, $3 Dips, Shop Vacs, Lightning Bugs has been good in the mornings up till about three or so, but even then it can be spotty.  Watch out for Mtn Whitefish, they are on the nymphs as well. 

 There is good dry fly fishing to be had, but you better bring your A Game. If you don’t have that club in your bag, then listen up and get fishy.  We want you to catch fish.  Lazyness in the boat is tough to handle.  Float the flies where others can’t, get long drifts, hit the slicks with acuracy and you will be rewarded.  Oh ya, let them eat it.  Trout rise.  It is what they do.  When you see a fish come up and inspect your flies, odds are, its gonna eat it.  But if you drag it or take it away, it is gone.  A flash in the pan.  Pick up your flies and cast them again….downstream with a reach cast.  They will eat it.

 Tangle a dozen times before lunch and you will struggle. Break your wrist and your cast will not happen. Listen to your guide…..keep your head in the right place and all this won’t matter.  Fish your way through it.  Right now it is all about getting in the groove and fishing well at some point in the day.  Confidence is key.  Down time on the bank re-riggin should not be your place of existence.  Fish well my friends, we are rowing hard. 

I am headed into YNP tomorrow for a much needed break behind the oars.  It will be nice to take a hike, carry some bear spray and watch some cutthroat rise.  Maybe we will see a griz…….from a distance.  We difinitley won’t see any driftboats……and maybe not any people if we walk far enough.