Fall….three months is not enough

by | Sep 21, 2012 | 0 comments

It’s September, one of three months I can’t  live without.  Ivan the Slayer and myself have been out chasing elk the past fours mornings.  Elk are, by far, the hardest quarry to nail down during archery season.  Both of us have drawn back an arrow this week only to be foiled by the wilds of Mother Nature.  I have a love/hate relationship with elk.  They run the mountain tops like mystical fairies with horns and vanish into thin air in a moments notice.  Last week I watched a bull run down one mountain and back up another, probably covering 2000 feet of vertical in under 5 minutes.  Competing with that is next to impossible.  None the less, we hunt on and on.

We are taking the weekend off as more hunters are around.  My better half and I are headed down to the Tetons this weekend for a James McMurtry show (with the Gourds) and then a short (if you call 18 miles short) backpacking trip into Teton Canyon.  Keeping up with Molly is a tall order…….

Stella has really come into her own this season.  The weather has been hot, but we have managed to get out a few mornings since September first.  She is one serious little hunter all wrapped up in fifty pounds of fir and feet – her point is solid and true.  Eastern Montana is still six weeks away and a little too far out to get excited about.  There are still twenty some odd guide trips between now and then.  All in due time.