So gorgeous......

Yesterday’s cloudy weather and rain showers made for a solid morning of trout fishing on the Madison River below Lyons Bridge.  We had to work for our fish, but we got em’.  Actually, the bite was spotty but lasted well into the afternoon and finally shut down about 3:30 or so, when the high pressure reared it ugly face and the flippin’ wind blew us to the ramp.  70 degrees in October is odd…..will it change, you ask?  Snow is in the forecast for the end of the week.

My arms are tired of the wind…..there is no slowing down the boat or back rowing upstream in this neck woods when the wind blows.  Unlike the Missouri, which I have a small love affair with, we can’t row back upstream to the hot spot on the Madison River.  While some guides will hold the boat on large boulders or shelves, I try not to employ this tactic too often – especially when there are other boats around……it is a float trip after all. 

BBT from the Madison.