Fall 2020 Trout Spey Update

by | Aug 18, 2020 | 0 comments

As we get later into the month of August here in the mountains, the days start getting shorter, the nights cooler, and the riverside vegetation begins to take on the colors of Autumn.  Likewise, the first lake run fish begin stirring, the browns begin to take on a bit more attitude, and cooling water temperatures cause the trout to act with more interest to a swung streamer.  If you channel your inner Druid, you will notice that all of this seems to happen quite specifically, one lunar cycle prior to the Autumnal Equinox.  Whether you choose to roll your eyes or mark it on your calendar, it’s the true beginning of our Fall Swing Season, which for many of us means breaking out the trout Spey gear.

We look forward to it every year.  The pace of fishing, the casting, the cool flies, and especially the great folks that come to town this time every year.  For the past three years, we’ve also had the pleasure to host our West Yellowstone Trout Spey Days event in the middle of September, bringing in awesome, knowledgeable folks and all the gear for everyone to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, this year, due to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19, we aren’t going to be able to have our usual Trout Spey Days gathering.  It’s just not the right time to gather in a big group, no matter how fun it might be.  That said, we are not giving up on the idea of helping folks learn and experience more about the fun game that is swinging flies on 2-handed rods for trout this fall, and we are looking forward to rebooting our event in 2021.

We’ve got a few things on deck for this fall that we hope you all will be encouraged to take part in.  Justin and Matt, our original two Spey nerds, will be around as usual.  And this year we’ve added Chris Daniel and Marco Ross, both super passionate 2-handed anglers, to our shop staff, so feel free to swing by (pun intended) and pick their brains.  Joe tries hard to not let on about his own interest in Spey, but he is sneaky like that, and no doubt knowledgeable enough to be plenty dangerous in the Barns Holes.

We’ve also worked hard this summer with our awesome vendors and reps to bring in a whole bunch of great Trout Spey demo gear for the fall.  Rods from SAGE, C.F. Burkheimer, Winston, Echo, Redington, and T&T, as well as all the matching Spey lines, sink tips, and leaders from RIO and Scientific Anglers.  We will have all of our favorite kit combos dialed in and here at the shop for folks to check out and even try out. 

And, with all this great gear on hand, we are planning to do a bunch of reviews and Spey related tips, and post those on our blog or other media channels so that folks who aren’t able to travel to us can still learn something.

We have the swing fly bins filled up and ready for Fall too.  Old reliable soft hackled patterns like the Partridge & Peacock and BH Softhackle PT are lined up along side some of our own favorite creation like Mile’s Chest Candy in both purple and orange variations.  And for streamers, you can find all your Sculpzillas, Thin Mints, Fortune Cookies, Boufaces, Grand Master B/Cs, buggers, crays, and probably a few more custom swingers that the guys will start spinning up when the night really start getting longer on us.

Lastly, if you are bummed that we won’t be having the usual Spey Days presentations, you might consider scheduling an instructional clinic or guided fishing day with one of our Spey-proficient guides.