A lesson in radio telemetry


Each year, in late April, Kevin Flannigan enrolls his 6th grade class into Yellowstone National Park’s Expedition: Yellowstone! This is a week long class structured for kids from 6th-8th grade. This YNP Ranger led program focuses on ecology, geology, history and the repsonsibilities of growing up. During the spring and fall, the campus is the historic Lamar Buffalo Ranch. This is where the kids eat, sleep and partake in ranger led programs.  However, most of the day is spent in the field learning about YNP. The kids are chaperoned by locals who understand the importance of outdoor education.  We drive the kids around, keep watch and give discipline when needed……which really isn’t that often. I enjoyed hanging out with the kids and look forward to being apart of again next year.  I bet your kids would like it too.

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Ranger Mike gets a huge “Thank You”