Elk Hunting….or walking with a gun in a blizzard in deep-ass snow.

by | Nov 17, 2010 | 0 comments

Lionshead Mnt is filling up quickly this Fall....or is it Winter.

Some folks have had more luck than I with the elk hunting this Fall.  Two nights ago I glassed 30 head of elk until last light, they were feeding and bedding for the night.   I called my crusty neighbor, Mr Johnson, to see if he wanted to join me.  Mr. Johnson and I met outside his house, at 5 am or so, just to get down there and be first on the scene.  After all, I wasn’t the only idoit trying to fill the freezer hunter glassing these fine animals at a low elevation.  As we hiked up and a way from the rig, a few other folks pulled in but left the area.  We made our way slowly up the mountain in the dark and towards the Aspen trees.  Crossing a few elk tracks in fresh snow, things seemd to be lining up.   Just after shooting light, we split up and made our way around a thick grove of Aspens.  Looking uphill, I noticed some movement through the trees about 400 yards away.  As the fog rolled in, a couple more of these animals made their way out of the trees to feed.  Looking through my scope I could not quite make out these animals to be elk.  I was stilll too far away, in plain view of everything and the fog was thickening….then snow began to fall.  Mr. Johnson had been scoping these animals as well and when he made his way up to me, we both were uncertain of our quarry.  Must get closer is what we came up with.  The closer one gets also means the farther you are from the rig if something dies.  Then the blizzard hit.  Since nothing could see us hike and spook out, we made our way up the mountain.  150 yards or so in knee deep snow, howling wind and snow pelting our faces we finally made it to few trees for a rest.  This is bullshit elk hunting……to a “T”.  Crouching down into the snow, with the tree as our cover, we both scoped these animals.  They to were using the trees as cover from the crazy weather.  Then one finally stepped out of the trees into plain view.  Looking once again through the scope, a set of horns appeared on one of the animals.  Big Horn Sheep.  A nice Ram actually.  Dammit.  Thats why is called hunting and not killing.  Maybe I will fish tomorrow….if the wind stops.   Better yet, maybe I will keep Huck company by the woodstove.  Although, I still have the itch to take an elk this season.   

Keeping it real, all Winter long by the fire.