…………and all is well.   Nymphing in morning has proven to be pretty darn good around these parts.  Prince nymphs, zonkers, shop vacs, various serenedipities, non-beaded PTs and rubber leg patterns have all been producing good numbers of trout.  The afternoon is all up to you – the angler – to take the bull by the horns and make it happen.   Madison River trout are looking up throughout the afternoon, but their sneakiness upon rising is troublesome for many.  I too fall prey when the big, weary, sneaky trout poke their noses up for a taste.  Alas, this is why it’s called fishing.  Ben, below, caught some great trout on his trip to Montana and YNP.  He pays attention, listens quite well and the fish reward him.  The last time I saw Ben was 10 years ago, now he is getting married in two weeks.  Well done, see ya next year Ben!

Ants have arrive once again over the past couple of days.  We hit them on the Lamar River and the Madison.  Who knows if they will emerge from the ground again this season, but those lucky enough to be around had some wonderful fishing with the dry fly.  One of the best ant patterns we use was originally tied by Arrick Swanson, owner of Arrick’s Fly Shop here in West Yellowstone.   If you don’t have them, you should stop by and see him the next time you’re in town.

Yesterday, I woke up early with fog on the brain, and headed to BZN for the Bozeman Marathon.  My lovely wife is a mad runner and I, as her husband, turned out along the way for a little support.  I finally found her (I was late) between mile 15 and 16 and from the looks of this shot, she actually enjoys running.  Myself on the other, will gladly drive the 26.2 mile course behind the wheel of my Toyota.  Molly took 3rd in her age class in the full Marathon.  Well done!