Dryflies that work! simple & Easy to tie….

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The Buzzball Cripple

My buddy Mark Raisler, co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop, showed me Lafontaine’s Buzzball a bunch of years while on the Missouri….he may have still been cooking at The Trout Shop Cafe at that time.  When I have fished the Buzzball on the Madison, well, you just can’t see it that well.  I have used the Improved Buzzball with good success, but my variation floats a bit better and trout love it.  Anytime one adds a Zelon shuck and elk hair wing, it can’t go wrong.

Stay tuned for a video showing how to tie the Buzzball Cripple.  To see a video of the Buzzball check out:  http://www.youtube.com/user/scumliner#p/u/3/7MTtTk-HM8M. Mark will show you how.