It’s very smokey in our neck of the woods.  A fire in Idaho, 50k acres, is burning hard and the smoke is filtering over to SW Montana.  Rain is forecasted for today and tonight….keep those fingers crossed!  We need the moisture.

Now is the time to bring your A game to Montana.  Still learning you say?  Well, my friends, pay attention to what your guide is saying…..we want you to catch fish.  We know you’re on vacation….and want to relax….and have some fun….but one must reach cast those dry flies 99% of the time and when nymphing, set the hook!   By now, our trout have seen thousands of shitty drifts and they want to see the fly drift perfectly.  Sure, there will be a few fish that eat it on the swing or smash a skating hopper – but this won’t happen all day long by any means.

Drift the fly.

Trout like it.

So does the oarsman.