Coming in on it's way.

The past couple of days could’nt have been any different.  Today – hot, sunny and a so-so bite on the dry fly.  The morning was cold and once things warmed up the fish just kind of slid off the bite wih the high sun.  Wind, large hail and torrential rain showers put us on the bank yesterday afternoon on our second run from Lyons to Palisades.  This first run was very good with goldens tight to the bank fished with a slight nervous twitch.  Twitching brought out some big fish and explosive takes.  

ER pumps out the rain and hail.

 Small flies (caddis, sallies) are starting to get noticed by trout who are scared of the big flies.  There are lots of anglers on the Madison right now and knowing exactly where to put your fly will help the catch rate.   We have now hit the point where skill rewards those who are fishing dry flies.  Is there a reach cast in your arsenal?  How about stack mending?  Can you twitch the fly without skating it too much?  If so, then your day on the Madison will be joyous……did I mention casting in the wind?  Today, they really didn’t want to rise all that well.  Lots of window shopping and slapping at the fly.  We had some good fish eat the big fly today, but yesterday was definitly a better big bug bite.  There are still salmonflies and goldens on certain banks up and down from Windy Point, but they didn’t really get in the air today……..

Hail and lots of it.