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While I never talk much about music on the blog, it has played a rather large part in my life.  During college I traveled to see over 300 live shows and learned to play guitar, mandolin and the banjo.  As a boy, I was forced to learn the piano…should have listened to my parents on that one.   I stuck with the guitar, but still struggle to be “good” at it.   Besides guiding fishing, the only other job that sounds remotely cool is a Rock Star.  Which brings me to the point of this post.  The new album Go-Go Boots, by the Drive By Truckers is one of their best albums to date…..if  not THE best album they have recorded.  Regretfully, I missed the show in Missoula because of knee surgery….bummer for sure.   There is lots of road time for me during the fishing season and this album just erases time.  Check it out. 

DBT Go-Go Boots

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