Days of Old

by | Mar 16, 2010 | 0 comments


A time gone by…..brothel, hotel, gambling?

Neal and I took a drive yesterday morning through the Madison Valley and took a left at the Iron Angler in Ennis.  We got to the Ruby River at Vigilante around 10:30 am and had the river to ourselves.  An hour later there were 6 anglers and we got pinched on our short little stretch of river.  Oh well…..We caught a few on streamers and nymphs, went back to the rig and then headed on downstream.  The Ruby is low, there are rainbows and redds in the river, and this small stream should probably be left alone for a few more weeks.  One can only imagine what early travelers thought as they passed through this valley in 1830’s.  Gold was on their mind for sure in the middle part of that century as gold was discovered in 1859 around Mt. Davidson.  Ever heard of Boot Hill???


Elk in the Madison Valley

I am headed out agian today to float the Madison from Varney to 8 mile. Stayed tuned for another report from SW MT.  Greg Falls is on the Missouri the next 2 days and will be sending me a report from there.