Damn near clear…for now.

by | May 30, 2010 | 0 comments

Can you see the snow line?

This sunday morning is a bit gloomy around these parts.  Drizzle comes and goes, the sun just won’t shine and the wind is blowing…..again.  We took a drive yesterday afternoon to show some of our friends from Denver the Madison Valley.  For a brief moment, the sun came out and life was good.  The Madison, by a snowballs chance in hell, is almost clear.  Not for long though as Cabin and Beaver Creeks are blown out.  It snowed in the high country again so I would bet that these two creeks will clear some at night and then get dirty again during the daylight hours. Quake Lake is green, not brown. 

The are BWOs emerging in the afternoons on the Madison River.  Fish are rising and eating nymphs with reckless abandon…….and the river is essentially empty of anglers.  There are a few hearty folks around who are braving the weather and hooking nice trout each day. 

Tomorrow, I head for the Missouri River and will be up there for a week or so.  My reports won’t be as frequent, but I will get atleast one or two posted while on the road.