Coming into shape….again.

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The Madison River has dropped over the past 3 days allowing boats to now float under all the bridges on the upper river.  The flow out of Hebgen is 1330 and the float stretch is 2260 as of this morning.  Cabin and Beaver still have some color, but not enough to really matter.  The wade stretch looked incredibly fishy last night on the way home from guiding and now I wish I would have stopped and wet a line.  There are caddis in the wade stretch, but not enough just yet to get the trout consistently rising.

The West Fork of the Madison has dropped and is almost clear, if not completely clear.  Indian Creek however was rolling with mud yesterday afternoon when we floated by on our way to Story Ditch.  I rolled several rocks and found a good deal of stone fly nymphs on most of the larger boulders from Palisades to Mac.  The nymphs looked ready to pop as their undersides were fleshy and pinkish-orange.  The river temp yesterday afternoon was 56 degrees….it could be a few more days and maybe another week before we see any Salmon Flies in the air.  There have been reports of random big bugs in the braids below Ennis.  Some of the old timers around here think that the river might pop with big bugs in pockets all over the entire river since we are a bit behind schedule with the hatch.  There aren’t many big nymphs above Palisades just yet.

As for the fishing, well, the Madison is nymphing well with rubber legs, #14 PT’s, SJ Worms, serendipities and a good drag free drift.  We did manage to get a fish on a #12 Parachute Adams yesterday as well as a large black buggers tugged off the bank. 

Stay tuned for more reports as the Madison is about to get hot.  We will be on the river everyday over the next month and will keep you posted with the happenings of the Madison.



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