Chilly day

by | Jan 21, 2011 | 0 comments

Burn baby, burn.

Damn cold here this morning.  28 below 0 at 6:30 am.  Tonight it has warmed up a bit and it’s snowing side ways.  Dumping.  The Tram line in the morning at BS would be a great place to be. Waist deep…probably….should be.  Everyone can quit praying for snow, as Mother Nature is dealing us all the right cards.  Well, dont quit praying just yet.  Keep the toes crossed for now.

My head is thumping from the cold I contracted from the city folk who sat behind me spraying his sickness all over my neck…….sneezing, coughing, runny nose, stiff neck, no sleep and eyeballs wanting to pop out…..bullshit.  I loathe being sick.  It only happens in the winter while driving coach in YNP.  Keeping the hatch open on the snowcoach usually keep the sickness away…not this time.  Tissues litter the floor beneath my computer.  My handkerchief is, well,  gross and needs a washn’.  Nighttime is the worst and drugs are helping….to keep my head foggy that is.  I was off track all day in YNP, could barely keep the conversation flowing in the right direction…oh well, we had a blast in Yellowstone none the less. 

Off to the Ruby River tomorrow.  Dry flies?  Hopefully.  Wind?  Probably.  Streamers?  Most likely….just can’t bring myself to watch the bobber on the Ruby.