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Late last night I woke to a chilly house and thought, for just a second, about getting up and tossing a log on the fire. That didn’t happen as I rolled over a little closer to my lovely wife and fell back to sleep.  This morning, at around 8 am, the temp was 32 below zero. What will tonight bring?  Well, it’s already 10 below, the north wind is cranking and the folks in Bozeman are calling for 20 below – they will be wrong.

The Arctic air has arrived from the North and it’s gonna stick around for several more days.  The only place worth fishing today, on December 4th, is Argentina.  It’s Springtime down south and our friends are chasing trout everyday.  My “to do” list this time of the year is long and getting longer by the day.  There are permits to fill out, log books to finish, clients to book for 2014, snow to plow, wood to split & stack, shotguns to oil, a new business that is trying to get off the ground, and of course there are flies to tie.   In just eleven days, Yellowstone National Park’s winter season opens as well.  Before we know it, the Missouri and Madison will beckon as the 2014 guide season begins.

I haven’t touched a fly rod since October 26th, besides the broken rods I sent back a few weeks ago.  Some might say, “what a pitty”, but honestly, some fishing guides need a short break from the fishing season to get right.   This season made 18 years in the business……I still love fishing and guiding……but not when it’s this cold.