Bumping it up

by | Jun 6, 2010 | 0 comments

Eagle Rock in the Canon.

Missouri River: 6000 cfs and rising. Sunny, windy @ times, but nymping well.

Madison @ Kirby Ranch: 2170 and rising. gone are the days of roping them at $3 and Reynolds. For now anyways.  Almost three weeks of rain……solid.

The Missouri around Craig is buzing with anglers, bums and fishing guides.  Everything in the state is blowing out and this river is holding it’s own.  Sure there are a few slow points during the day, but if you pay attention the trout will eat your flies.  The worm continues to be king, sometimes we have been fishing two…..dirty, but effective. Wire worms, no weight worms, red rocket chenille, floss….whatever . The Tung Dart is fooling them as well. 

he'll be back.

 Are they rising?  No, not really.  There are a few, but I didn’t see one today.  The water is bumping and should keep going.  Some say it will stabilize around 7000.  I think it’s going to hit 10,000 cfs. before its all over.  West Yellowstone has so much moisture to come out of the mountains and the lake is 2 feet from full.  Full pond by the 4th of July is the norm.  Still a few more days on the Missouri for me.  If the water holds at 7000, the caddis will pop.  Little swarms of adult caddis are flying above the Rusian Olives.  Not long for heads now.  Bigger flows do make for larger trout…..

I got time.

 you got time?